Embracing Your Health

Build the healthy life you deserve using our 
Personal Health Portal


Our Personal Health Portal is a health and wellness knowledge base designed specifically for you.

It provides you with secondary care and lifestyle support to keep your physical and mental health balanced. Use our extensive tools and resources to assist, support, collate & motivate behaviour change.


Health Map Features

  • HEALTH Risk Assessment baseline
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Mental Health Support
  • Blood Tests from Home
  • Online access from anywhere
  • 30 Min Health Map Coaching
  • Unlimited Access to Health Courses 
  • Online Library of Resources
  • Communication and Messaging Portal 
  • Unlimited Wellness Challenges
  • Sync all tracking devices and Health Apps 
  • Medical Document Storage 
  • Recipe Portal 
  • Financial Well-being Self Help
  • On Demand Exercise Classes

A world of medical
and wellbeing
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Inside the portal

Understanding your Health Risks

As a member you will complete and update your Health Risk Questionnaire. Working with your coach 1-1 you will build a plan to reach your wellness goal. Updating your Health Assessment regularly ensures you are on track and receiving the essential support you need whether physical or mental health.


You are provided with a personalised set of wellness plans based on your Health Risk Assessment and  Biometric Screening results. 

The Portal offers Plans for Wellness on a variety of different categories including health metrics, emotional wellness, nutrition, exercise, financial wellness, lifestyle, and sleep.

Track your

Keep track of all your screenings and results in one place. The Biometric Screenings ensure you are receiving the advice and support you need based on your own results. 

Your Personal Health Portal

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