Your Personal Health Portal

What is On The Portal

Health Risks Assessment

 On becoming a member you will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire about your lifestyle, demographic, and personal medical history. 

This information is used to calculate your health profile, which includes your lifetime risk for up to 16 diseases and conditions. You will be provided with individualised feedback, suggestions for ways to lower your risk, followed by a personalised set of Wellness Plans aimed at improving your health in a variety of areas. 


Your bespoke wellness plans are based on your Health Risk Assessment and your Biometric Screening results. 

These plans display on a dashboard where you can see your active plans and all available plans sorted by topic. Categories include health metrics, emotional wellness, nutrition, exercise, financial wellness, lifestyle, and sleep and much more.

You can work through a plan at your own pace as well as repeat any plans. 

1-1 Coaching

Our wellness experts tailor a wellness strategy designed to suit your unique needs and culture, by aligning programs, challenges, and incentives that encourage engagement and drives behaviour change to improve your health. 

Whether you are looking to have one of our wellness experts help you kick-start your wellness program, support you to set up your program on an ongoing basis, or assist you with wellness expertise, we have a solution that will match.

On Demand Exercise & Virtual Classes

A diverse range of exercise on demand classes, AI-powered personalisation, and built-in social motivation for all wellness and fitness levels.  

Discover value, choice, differentiation, and the highest levels of engagement with Burnalong.

Blood Tests with Forth

It’s time to take greater control of your health. A small blood sample is all it takes to check and improve areas of concern such as heart health, liver & kidney function, diet, bone health and immunity.

Check your thyroid, Cortisol, Cholesterol or do a Baseline to ensure your levels are healthy.  

Life Speaks Mental Health Support

LifeSpeak is the mental health and well-being destination to tackle day-to-day challenges. 

It is an on demand search engine to support self help emotional support. Maybe you are looking to support a friend, family member or colleague, just search LifeSpeak.

The art and science of using nature, technology, and self-experimentation to take control of your own biology, so you can optimise your health, performance, and well-being.”

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