Jawline Enhancement Manchester

Procedure - Jawline Enhancement

Jawline dermal filler is perfect for anyone who wants a tight and streamlined jawline masking any obvious lower face jowls. It’s also perfect for the client who has lost volume along the jawline or chin over the years and wants to recreate what they once had.

Who is it for – this is a treatment for people of all ages. The younger client may require it for facial balancing and to create a stronger jawline. The more mature clients may require it to recreate the loss of jawline through the ageing process, we would also usually address the clients mid face to achieve the best results in this case.

Jawline Enhancement Manchester

Treatment Information

Treatment time

30 – 45 minutes.



Results Seen

Immediately and improve over 2 weeks for full effect

Back To Work

Same day.

Potential Side Effects

Bruising and slight swelling at the injection site

Duration of results

9 – 12 months


None required


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