Tear Trough Filler Manchester

Procedure - Tear Trough filler (Under eye bags/Dark circles)

‘Are you tired?’ the question you don’t want to hear when you aren’t tired but suffer from sunken under eyes or dark circles. While these issues can in some cases be resolved with a good sleep schedule, good hydration and a healthy lifestyle, having sunken under eyes can’t be resolved without some form of treatment.

The cause of tear troughs, or sunken under-eyes, can be the result of ageing as the skin naturally thins and collagen production slows. They can also be a congenital issue.

Treatment Information

Treatment time

30 – 45 minutes.



Results Seen

Immediately and improve over 2 weeks for full effect

Back To Work

Same day.

Potential Side Effects

Bruising and slight swelling at the injection site

Duration of results

9 – 12 months


None required

Tear Trough Filler Manchester

What problem does this treatment fix?

Using hyaluronic acid fillers, we plump up and smooth out the area around your eye and the eye socket, minimising the appearance of tear troughs and shadows under your eyes. We use a Cannula to place the filler, which is less painful. This gives you, more youthful eyes and restoring your confidence in your appearance.


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